Note: New events or changes to events will not take effect immediately. Please allow 24–48 hours for events to appear on this public calendar.

Terry Faculty/Staff

Official Terry events can be added by submitting them to the Terry Intranet Calendar (Terry Master Calendar). You must be a Terry faculty/staff member to access the intranet.

Adding an Event

On the Intranet Calendar, click New in the upper-left corner of the calendar. Provide as much detail as possible at the time of entry.

Modifying an existing event

To modify an event on this public calendar, adjust the existing event on the Intranet Calendar.

Students and Other Users

Students and other users without access to the Terry Intranet can add events through a different form.

If you have access to the Terry Intranet, do not use this form.

Adding an Event

To add an event, complete the event form.

Modifying an existing event

If you need to make changes to an event you already submitted, please submit a web edit request.