Marketing Best Practices Webinar: “Unleashing Word of Mouth”
This event has already occurred.

Rob Fuggetta, founder/CEO of Zuberance, the leading Advocate marketing company, and author of the hot-selling book, “Brand Advocates: Turning Enthusiastic Customers into a Powerful Marketing Force,” (Wiley 2012) will be the featured speaker on a Marketing Executives Networking Group (MENG) webinar.

The MENG marketing best practices webinar, entitled “Unleashing Word of Mouth,” will demonstrate how to harness the power of WOM to drive recommendations, referrals, and sales for both smaller and larger businesses.

The webinar will answer these questions:

  1. How to identify brand advocates
  2. How to energize advocates to spread positive word of mouth and help drive sales
  3. How to track and optimize results of advocate marketing programs

Attendees will gain insights into the Five Best Practices of Brand Advocacy, including whether companies should pay or provide incentives to Brand Advocates.

Event Details
  • Thursday, November 21, 2013 at 12:00pm