Marie S. Mitchell

Associate Professor

404 Brooks Hall
310 Herty Drive
Athens, GA 30602
Phone Numbers
Work 706-542-3741
Email Address


Degree Field of Study Institution Graduation Year
  • Business Administration
  • Management
University of Central Florida
  • Human Resource Management
Rollins College
  • Political Science
George Mason University

Research Interests

  • Behavioral ethics
  • Social exchange/workplace relationships
  • Workplace deviance/aggression/abusive supervision
  • Leader Behaviors
  • Organizational Justice

Editorial Appointments

Position Name of Journal Year(s)
Editorial Board Member
Academy of Management Journal
2009 - present
Editorial Board Member
Journal of Applied Psychology
2011 - present
Editorial Board Member
Organizational Behavior and Human Decision Processes
2014 - present
Editorial Board Member
Journal of Management
2011 - present
Editorial Board Member
Business Ethics Quarterly
2008 - 2014

Selected Publications

Journal Articles

  • Vogel, R. M., & Mitchell, M. S. (Forthcoming). The motivational effects of diminished self-esteem for employees who experience abusive supervision. Journal Of Management .
  • Tepper, B. J., Mitchell, M. S., Haggard, D. L., Kwan, H. K., & Park, H. (Forthcoming). On the exchange of hostility with supervisors: An examination of self-enhancing and self-defeating perspectives. Personnel Psychology.
  • Vogel, R. M., Mitchell, M. S., Tepper, B. J., Restubog, S. L. D., Hu, C., Hua, W., & Huang, J-C. (In Press). A cross-cultural examination of subordinates’ perceptions of and reactions to abusive supervision. Journal Of Organizational Behavior .
  • Mitchell, M. S., Vogel, R. M., & Folger, R. (In press). Third parties' reactions to abusive supervision of coworkers. Journal Of Applied Psychology .
  • Thau, S., Derfler-Rozin, R., Pitesa, M., Mitchell, M. S., & Pillutla, M. (In press). Unethical behavior for the sake of the group: Risk of social exclusion and unethical behavior in groups. Journal Of Applied Psychology .
  • *Jennings, P. L., *Mitchell, M. S., & Hannah, S. T. (In Press). The moral self: A review and integration of the literature. Journal Of Organizational Behavior:* indicates authors contributed equally.
  • Mitchell, M. S., & Ambrose, M. L. 2012. Employees' behavioral reactions to supervisor aggression: An examination of individual and situational factors. Journal Of Applied Psychology, 97(6):1148-1170.
  • Thau, S., & Mitchell, M. S. 2010. Self-gain or self-regulation impairment? Tests of competing explanations of the supervisor abuse and employee deviance relationship through perceptions of distributive justice. Journal Of Applied Psychology, 95(6):1009-1031.
  • Brown, M. E., & Mitchell, M. S. 2010. Ethical and unethical leadership: Exploring new avenues for future research. Business Ethics Quarterly, 20(4):583-616.
  • Umphress, E. E., Bingham, J. B., & Mitchell, M. S. 2010. Unethical behavior in the name of the company: The moderating effect of organizational identification and positive reciprocity beliefs influencing unethical pro-organizational behavior. Journal Of Applied Psychology, 95(4):769-780.
  • Thau, S., Bennett, R. J., Mitchell, M. S., & Marrs, M. B. 2009. How management style moderates the relationship between abusive supervision and workplace deviance: An uncertainty management perspective. Organizational Behavior And Human Decision Processes, 108(1):79-92.
  • Mitchell, M. S., & Ambrose, M. L. 2007. Abusive supervision and workplace deviance and the moderating effects of negative reciprocity beliefs. Journal Of Applied Psychology, 92(4):1159-1168.
  • Cropanzano, R., & Mitchell, M. S. 2005. Social exchange theory: An interdisciplinary review of conteptual and definitional issues. Journal Of Management, 31(6):874-900.