Katherine T. McClain

Senior Lecturer

517 Brooks Hall
310 Herty Drive
Athens, GA 30602
Phone Numbers
Work 706-542-3697
Email Address


Degree Field of Study Institution Graduation Year
  • Economics
Univ. of Calif. at San Diego
  • Economics
Univ. of Calif. at San Diego
  • Mineral Economics
Penn State

Areas of Expertise

  • Time Series Econometrics
  • Econometric & Statistical Analysis
  • Environmental

Prior Professional Positions

Organization / Department Title Years of Service
Univ. of Georgia
Banking and Finance
Lecturer 2003 to 2010
Penn State
Learning Edge Academic Program
Director 1998 to 2000
Penn State
Mineral Economics
Assistant Professor 1990 to 1998
Wellesley College
Assistant Professor 1987 to 1990


Award Name Awarded By Year Awarded
Provost’s Award for Collaborative Instruction and Curricular Innovation
Penn State

Selected Publications

Journal Articles

  • Kiel, Katherine and Katherine T. McClain. 1995. House Prices During Siting Decision Stages: The Case of an Incinerator from Rumor Through Operation. The Journal Of Environmental Economics And Management, (28(2)):pp. 241-255.
  • McClain, Katherine T. and Jeffrey Wooldridge. 1995. A Simple Test for the Consistency of Ordinary Least Squares in Rational Distributed Lag Models. Economic Letters, (48):pp. 235-240.
  • Kiel, Katherine and Katherine T. McClain. 1995. The Effect of an Incinerator Siting on Housing Appreciation Rates. The Journal Of Urban Economics, (37):pp. 311-323.
  • McClain, Katherine T., H. Brett Humphreys, and Atahualpa Boscan. 1996. Measuring Risk in the Mining Sector with ARCH Models. The Journal Of Empirical Finance, (3(4)):pp. 369-391.
  • Kiel, Katherine and Katherine T. McClain. 1996. House Price Recovery and Stigma After a Failed Siting. Applied Economics, (28):pp. 1351-1358.
  • Humphreys, H. Brett and Katherine T. McClain. 1998. Reducing the Impacts of Energy Price Volatility Through Dynamic Portfolio Selection. The Energy Journal, (19(2)).