Jie (Jack) He

Assistant Professor

444 Brooks Hall
310 Herty Drive
Athens, GA 30602
Email Address
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Degree Field of Study Institution Graduation Year
  • Finance
Boston College
  • Statistics
Iowa State University

Research Interests

  • Theoretical and Empirical Corporate Finance
  • Entrepreneurial Finance
  • Financial Intermediation

Selected Publications

Journal Articles

  • Jie He and Xuan Tian. The Dark Side of Analyst Coverage: The Case of Innovation. Journal Of Financial Economics, Forthcoming.
  • Jie He, Jun Qian, and Philip Strahan. 2012. Are All Ratings Created Equal? The Impact of Issuer Size on the Pricing of Mortgage-Backed Securities. Journal Of Finance, (67):2097-2137.
  • Thomas J. Chemmanur and Jie He. 2011. IPO Waves, Product Market Competition, and the Going Public Decision: Theory and Evidence. Journal Of Financial Economics, (101):382-412.
  • Thomas J. Chemmanur, Jie He, Gang Hu, and Helen Liu. 2010. Is Dividend Smoothing Universal? New Insights from a Comparative Study of Dividend Policies in Hong Kong and the U.S.. Journal Of Corporate Finance, (16):413-430.