Daniel C. Feldman

Senior Associate Dean

  • Synovus Chair in Servant Leadership
339 Brooks Hall
310 Herty Drive
Athens, GA 30602
Phone Numbers
Work 706-542-9387
Work 706-542-3749
Email Address
Work Research at Terry


Degree Field of Study Institution Graduation Year
  • Organizational Behavior
Yale University
  • Administrative Sciences
Yale University
  • Business and Social Sciences
University of Pennsylvania

Research Interests

  • Career issues facing older workers
  • Transfers and promotions
  • Managing careers
  • Layoffs and downsizing
  • Job choice
  • Early career indecision
  • Retirement and retirement planning
  • Psychological contracts
  • Workaholism
  • Career stages and life stages
  • Expatriates and repatriates
  • Executive coaching
  • Organizational socialization
  • Career plateaus
  • Underemployment
  • Unemployment
  • Job mobility
  • School-to-work transition

Areas of Expertise

  • Career Development
  • Organizational Behavior
  • Leadership

Prior Professional Positions

Organization / Department Title Years of Service
University of South Carolina
James Bradley Distinguished Foundation Fellow 1989 to 2003
University of Florida
Professor of Management 1985 to 1989
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Visiting Scholar 1987 to 1987
University of Florida
Associate Professor of Management 1981 to 1985
Northwestern University
Assistant Professor of Organization Behavior 1981 to 1985
University of Minnesota
Assistant Professor of Industrial Relations 1976 to 1977
Yale University
Instructor 1974 to 1975


Award Name Awarded By Year Awarded
Best Reviewer Award
Academy of Management Journal
Scholarly Impact Award
Journal of Management
Department of Management Teaching Award
University of Georgia
Terry College Faculty Research Award
University of Georgia
Department of Management Teaching Award
University of Georgia
School of Business Teacher of the Year
University of South Carolina
Honors College Teacher of the Year
University of South Carolina
University Foundation Research Award
University of South Carolina
Riegel and Emory Research Fellow
University of South Carolina
Eli Lilly Senior Teaching Fellow
University of South Carolina
CIBER Research Fellow
University of South Carolina
Undergraduate Teacher of the Year
University of Florida
Beta Gamma Sigma
University of Florida
MBA Teacher of the Year
University of Florida
Phi Kappa Phi
University of Florida
MBA Teacher of the Year
University of Florida
MBA Teacher of the Year
University of Florida
MBA Teacher of the Year
University of Florida
MBA Teacher of the Year
University of Florida
Wyllys Baird Treat Fellowship in Social Sciences
Yale University
William Beach Fellowship in Administrative Sciences
Yale University
Summa cum laude with special distinction
University of Pennsylvania
Benjamin Franklin National Scholar
University of Pennsylvania
Phi Beta Kappa
University of Pennsylvania

Editorial Appointments

Position Name of Journal Year(s)
Journal of Management
2002 - 2005

Selected Publications

Journal Articles

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