Michael Baer

Doctoral Student

401 Brooks Hall
310 Herty Drive
Athens, GA 30602
Phone Numbers
Work 706-542-2945
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Degree Field of Study Institution Graduation Year
  • OB/HR
Brigham Young University
  • History
Brigham Young University

Research Interests

  • Trust
  • Impression Management Tactics
  • Fairness

Selected Publications

Journal Articles

  • Baer, M. D., Dhensa-Kahlon, R. K., Colquitt, J. A., Rodell, J. B., Outlaw, R., & Long, D. M. (in press). Uneasy lies the head that bears the trust: The effects of feeling trusted on emotional exhaustion. Academy Of Management Journal .
  • Long, D. M., Baer, M. D., Colquitt, J. A., Outlaw, C. R., & Dhensa-Kahlon, R. K. (in press). What will the boss think?: The impression management implications of supportive relationships with star and project peers. Personnel Psychology.
  • Colquitt, J. A., Baer, M. D., Long, D. M., & Halvorsen-Ganepola, M. D. K. 2014. Scale indicators of social exchange relationships: A comparison of relative content validity. Journal Of Applied Psychology, 99: 599-618.

Working Papers

  • Rodell, J. B., Colquitt, J. A., & Baer, M. D. (revise and resubmit). [Supervisor charisma and fairness perceptions]. Academy Of Management Journal .
  • Baer, M. D., Van der Werff, L., Colquitt, J. A., Rodell, J. B., Zipay, K. P., & Buckley, F. (under review). [Trust formation in newcomers]. Academy Of Management Journal .
  • Colquitt, J. A., Outlaw, R., & Baer, M. D. (under review). [Procedural convenience and social exchange]. Academy Of Management Journal .