Integration of the student's marketing knowledge accumulated from previous courses. Emphasis on developing and implementing marketing strategies to solve problems in a dynamic global business environment. Integration of marketing functions to form strategic decisions and to create marketing plans.

Semester Course Offered

Offered every year.

Grading System

A-F (Traditional)

Nontraditional Format

Course is taken during student's last semester.

Pre or Corequisite

MARK 4000 and (MARK 4100 or MARK 4100E) and (FINA 3000 or FINA 3000H or FINA 3000E or FINA 3001 or FINA 3001H) and (MGMT 3000 or MGMT 3000H or MGMT 3000E or MGMT 3001 or MGMT 3001H)

Athena Title

Mark Strat and Decision Making

Syllabi MARK 4900
Credit Hours 3.0