The basic concepts and analytical tools of finance in both corporate finance and investments. Topics include risk and return, financial institutions, efficient markets, valuation theory, capital budgeting, portfolio theory, cost of capital, and international finance.

Oasis Title


Duplicate Credit

Not open to students with credit in FINA 3000H or FINA 3001 or FINA 3001H

Semester Course Offered

Offered fall, spring and summer semester every year.

Grading System

A-F (Traditional)


(ACCT 2101 or ACCT 2101H) and (MIST 2090 or MIST 2190H or CSCI 1100-1100L)

Pre or Corequisite

(MGMT 3000 or MGMT 3000H) and (MGMT 3010 or MGMT 3020 or MGMT 4010 or MGMT 4020)

Syllabi FINA 3000
Credit Hours 3.0