The Insurance Society elects officers during Spring semester.

2015-2016 Officers

Faculty Advisor:   .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)
President:   Ron Whited
Vice-President:   Erik Petrina
Secretary:   Megan Fyffe
Treasurer:   Tucker Rubin
Publicity:    Gil Gillespie
Careers Day Coordinators:   Max Fisher
Careers Day Coordinators:   Alexa Kelly


All students are strongly encouraged to join the Insurance Society as soon as they become departmental majors. Membership in the society not only makes the student eligible for scholarship awards, but also entitles the student to free attendance at the Careers Day program and the Spring Awards Banquet. In addition, only members of the Insurance Society are entitled to submit résumés for inclusion in the departmental résumé book.

To join the Insurance Society, complete an application available in 206 Brooks and give the departmental secretary (who is also in 206 Brooks) a check for dues (currently $35), payable to the Insurance Society. Because the dues payment is a one-time only fee, it is advantageous to join the society as early in a student’s college career as possible. Questions about the Insurance Society should be directed to the organization’s faculty advisor, .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) (265C Brooks Hall).

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Duties of the Insurance Society Officers

The Insurance Society elects officers during the spring semester of each academic year. The following is a list of the duties of the officers.


Organize and coordinate details of fall picnic, spring banquet, and fall and spring meetings; arrange for guest speakers from insurance industry to attend fall and spring meetings; preside at all meetings; coordinate activities of other officers; help with Careers Day coordination; help with resume book; attend fall and spring business school student council meetings; make announcements in classes.

Vice President:

Perform presidential duties when called upon; coordinate group photo and description for Pandora; help with resume book; make announcements in classes.


Send Insurance Society acceptance letter to new members; write memos to faculty concerning upcoming events; update Job Board; update Alumni Board; help with resume book; make announcements in classes.


Deposit dues and other fees collected from students and others; pay all expenses from organizational accounts; prepare regular financial statements; prepare annual budget; help with resume book; make announcements in classes.

Publicity Officer:

Take photographs at all meetings and other events; post signs about upcoming events; update current events board with current pictures; help with resume book; make announcements in classes.

Careers Day Organizer:

Handle all details associated with the Insurance Careers Day, including: contacting and inviting firms; making hotel arrangements; coordinating interview schedules with Career Planning and Placement Office; coordinating details of Careers Day reception; making payments out of Careers Day bank account; make announcements in classes.