Management has been described as a practice where art, science, and craft meet. It is management that takes the assets of a firm (its products, its services, its people) and combines them in a way that achieves lasting success. Because there is an art to it, effective management is something that a firm’s competitors find difficult to imitate.

Undergraduate and masters students can learn the craft and science of management in a number of different areas. Strategic management focuses on the decisions that top management can make to increase profitability. Organizational behavior focuses on what leaders can do to improve motivation and performance. Operations management focuses on improving the processes used to produce goods and services. Students with Management majors, concentrations, or certificates can leverage those skills in industry, management consulting, and entrepreneurial careers.

PhD students are trained to contribute to the science of management. The department’s faculty are among the most productive in the country and include current and former editors of several top journals. The faculty study a wide variety of topics and encourage students to carve out their own unique research identities.

Points of Pride


Our faculty includes associate editors of both Academy of Management Journal (Scott Graffin) and Academy of Management Review (Mike Pfarrer)—the two flagship journals in the field. The associate editors for those two journals come from 25 different universities. Only Georgia and Michigan State have faculty serving as associate editors for both outlets.


Scott Graffin earned the Hugh O. Nourse Outstanding MBA Teacher Award for 2015. Jason Colquitt earned the EMBA Teacher of the Year Award for 2015. Both awards were voted on by the graduating students of those programs.


We ranked 17th in the Texas A&M Rankings of management department productivity for the 2010-2014 time period. We ranked 26th in the University of Texas-Dallas Rankings for the same time period. With only 10 faculty, those rankings make us one of the most productive groups in the country on a per capita basis.


Jessica Rodell was a recipient of the Michael F. Adams Early Career Scholar award, which recognizes an up and coming scholar who is a rising star. This was the first year of existence for the Adams Early Career Scholar award, which was given to three assistant professors across the university.


Our faculty hold 21 editorial board positions among the top-tier journals in management, including Academy of Management Journal (7), Academy of Management Review (2), Administrative Science Quarterly (1), Journal of Applied Psychology (4), Strategic Management Journal (3), Personnel Psychology (2), Organization Science (1), and Organizational Behavior and Human Decision Processes (1). 


Our PhD program has placed students at a number of top universities in recent years, including Arizona State (Mike Baer, 2015 OB graduate), Oklahoma State (Jason Kiley, 2015 Strategy graduate), and Penn State (Jon Bundy, 2014 Strategy graduate).