For the serious self-starter, there is absolutely no better place than the University of Georgia. We have the only entrepreneurship program in the country that is exclusively focused on launching ventures.

We infuse and refine an entrepreneurial mindset in our students through transformational experiences. And regardless of background or future vocation, our students come away a better version of themselves.

The entrepreneurship program uses these events and programs to bring students and entrepreneurs together:

  • Accelerator Program
  • Society of Entrepreneurs
  • Entrepreneurship and Venture Capital Club
  • Silicon Valley Fellows Program
  • CEO Roundtables
  • UGA’s Next Top Entrepreneur
  • Terry Innovation Fund

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Our program relies on the support of professionals in the entrepreneurship community to make the best opportunities available to our students. We are incredibly thankful for all those who support our program and continue to charge forward with us. Partners of our program not only help to educate the next generation with an entrepreneurial mindset, but they also help to foster a community of people who are passionate about the impact of entrepreneurship.

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Businesses + Non-Profits

CEO Roundtables
Business owners who share a commitment to trust, collaboration, and growth come together to craft solutions in a culture of accountability. We offer forums for CEOs to share their toughest issues and challenges of running an aggressively growing business.

We provide opportunities for businesses and non-profits to come together for seminars on various topics. Our goal is to come alongside existing businesses to help them meet their key performance metrics. Please check our calendar for dates of upcoming seminars.