As part of its mission, the University of Georgia “endeavors to prepare the university community and the state for full participation in the global society of the 21st century.” The Department of Economics plays a vital role in this mission in two important ways.

For students interested in business careers, economics is an essential foundation for business education. Similarly, when it’s viewed in the broader sense of a liberal arts education, economics is a core discipline and an integral part of a well-rounded course of study. 


Meigs Professor of Economics answers “What was your undergraduate major and why did you choose it?"

This series examines some of the more personal paths of faculty at the Terry College. Meigs Professor of Economics David Mustard answers “What was your undergraduate major and why did you choose it?”

Appetite for policy-oriented economics

In addition to his teaching duties at UNC Charlotte, Scott Frame (MA 1993, PhD 1996) is a research economist at the Federal Reserve Bank's regional office in Atlanta.