This certificate program provides the skills needed to start a small business, gain employment with a start-up company, or become a social entrepreneur in the public or non-profit sector. You must be enrolled in the Terry College or the College of Family & Consumer Sciences to apply.


Certificate students in the Terry College of Business are required to complete 15 course hours with a minimum grade of C (2.00) in those courses. Please refer to the UGA Bulletin for pre-requisite courses. Course requirements for certificate students in the College of Family and Consumer Sciences are available on the FACS website.

  1. Part I: Required Courses (6 Hours)

    • FHCE 3200 Introduction to Personal Finance (3 Hours) OR FHCE 3250 Survey of Financial Planning (3 Hours)
    • ENTR 5500 Entrepreneurship and New Venture Formation (3 Hours)
  2. Part II: Elective Courses (9 Hours)

    Students may select 9 hours of coursework from the Terry College and FACS courses listed below.

    Terry College Elective Courses

    • ENTR 5510 Developing Successful Business Plans
    • ENTR 5520 Implementing New Venture Plans
    • MBUS 3000 Fundamental Concepts in Music Business
    • REAL 4000 Real Estate
    • RMIN 4000 Risk Management and Insurance
    • ACCT 4050 Financial Statement Analysis for Non-Accounting Majors
    • ACCT 5400 Taxation I
    • ECON 4000 The Economics of Human Resources
    • FINA 4201 Corporate Finance and Valuation for Non-Finance Majors
    • LEGL 4300 / LEGL 6300 Law of Business Organizations
    • MARK 4000 Marketing Research for Business Decisions

FACS Elective Courses

Foods and Nutrition

  • FDNS 3610, Quantity Food Production
  • FDNS 4610/6610, Food Service Procurement and Financial Management
  • FDNS 4620/6620, Management of Food Service Organizations
  • FDNS 4640/6640, Food Sanitation and Safety
  • FDNS 4645/6645, Nature of Foods
  • FDNS 4650/6650, Experimental Study of Foods

Human Development & Family Science

  • HDFS 3110, Professional Development/ Community Activities Course
  • HDFS 3710, Midlife & Elder Years Survey

Financial Planning, Housing and Consumer Economics

  • FHCE 3200, Introduction to Personal Finance OR FHCE 3250, Survey of Financial Planning
  • FHCE 3350, Introduction to Residential Property Management
  • FHCE 4230/6230, Family Tax Planning
  • FHCE 4250/6250, Practice Management in Financial Planning
  • FHCE 4350/6350, Household Technology and Systems

Textiles, Merchandising & Interiors

  • TXMI 3010, Directed Research
  • TXMI 4160/6160, Product Development in the Textile & Apparel Industries
  • TXMI 4260, Global Sourcing and Logistics of Textile Products and Apparel
  • TXMI 5270/7270, E-tailing in Apparel and Textiles
  • TXMI 5280, Retail Entrepreneurship


Currently enrolled UGA students who are completing a major in the Terry College of Business or the College of Family and Consumer Sciences are eligible to apply. Applicants must be in good academic standing.

How to Apply

Please note that this application is for Terry students only. FACS students should use the application on the Family and Consumer Sciences website.

  1. Be sure you meet the eligibility requirements
  2. Complete the online application
    Note: Application requires MyID to log in.
  3. For each topic below, prepare a well-written essay. Both essays must be submitted as part of your online application:
    • Essay 1: Describe how an entrepreneurial mindset helped you overcome a challenge in your life. (3500 character limit, 400–600 words)

    • Essay 2: Write a creative essay about what the following quote means to you:

      Entrepreneurship is the pursuit of opportunity without regard to resources currently controlled.

      Howard Stevenson, Professor Emeritus, Harvard University

      (3500 character limit, 400–600 words)

Application Periods

  • October 1 – November 1
  • February 1 – March 1

Notification of acceptance will be emailed approximately 2 weeks after each deadline.