The Terry College of Business offers a BBA degree in General Business at the UGA campus in Griffin, Georgia. This field of study provides students with general training in business administration and provides coursework in multiple academic areas. General Business is an appropriate major for students who wish to obtain a broad background in business or who intend to pursue an advanced degree.

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Entrance Requirements

Students who are applying to Griffin Campus will need to have completed Core Areas I-V and Area VI, 60 hours earned, and a transfer overall grade point average of 2.80. Students may apply if they are enrolled in course work that fulfills these outstanding requirements. Acceptance in the major is contingent on satisfactory completion of in-progress work.

Area Course
GenEd I
9 hours
Foundation Courses
  • ENGL 1101
  • ENGL 1102
  • MATH 1101 or MATH 1113MATH 1113 is preferred in this area.
GenEd II
7-8 hours
SciencesAt least one course must include a laboratory.
  • Physical Sciences (3-4 hours)
  • Life Sciences (3-4 hours)
3-4 hours
Quantitative Reasoning
  • MATH 1113 If MATH 1113 is used to satisfy GenEd Area I, choose one of the following courses: ARTS 2100, BIOL 2010/L, CSCI 1130, CSCI 1210, CSCI 1301/L, CSCI 2105/L, CSCI(MATH) 2610, ENGG 2000, GEOG 2011/L, GEOG 2300, MATH 1060, MATH 2110, MATH 2200, MATH 2250, MATH 2260, MATH 2300H, MATH 2310H, MATH 2400, MATH 2400H, MATH 2410, MATH 2410H, MATH 2500, MATH 2700, PHIL 2500, PHIL 2500H, PHYS 1111/L, PHYS 1112/L, PHYS 1211/L, PHYS 1212/L, PHYS 1311/L, STAT 2000, STAT 2100H
GenEd IV
12 hours
World Languages and Culture, Humanities and the Arts COMM 1100 or COMM 1500 is preferred. It must be taken as an Arts and Sciences Elective or General Elective credit, if not satisfied as part of GenEd Core IV.
  • World Languages and Culture (9 hours)
  • Humanities and the Arts (3 hours)
GenEd V
9 hours
Social Sciences ECON 2100 or ECON 2200 is preferred in this area.
GenEd VI
18 hours
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Degree Requirements

Students will need the following classes to complete their degree requirements for General Business.

Requirement Hours Courses
Upper Division Business Core
12 hours
Upper Division General Electives
12 hours
Four (3-hour) courses required.
Choose from 4000-level or above Terry College courses outside the major and/or 3000-level or above Terry College courses. Students may also choose 3000-level or above courses other than Terry College prefixes. Any 3000-level or above transfer course may be used to satisfy Upper Division General Electives.
Major Requirements
21 hours
Choose seven business courses, 4000-level or above, with no more than three courses from any one business prefix. (In the required major courses and three upper division electives combined, no more than five courses may be from any one business prefix.)
Arts and Sciences Electives
15 hours
Five courses in Arts and Sciences (any level)